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Yes, it's true - Rollo Time has started recording it's next album!

Two new singles, "New Block On The Kid" and "Spider In The Hole" are out NOW!  Get it on cdbaby.com, iTunes, Amazon and even Spotify!


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The info below is about our last album, Victims of the Crown... 

Rollo Time (Jon Raleigh, Matt Sharp, Sean Black, Tony Gaetto) headed into the friendly confines of Gravity Studios in April 2010 with the goal of creating our "bucket list" recording, something we'd be proud of for years to come.  Unlike the first record, which was recorded in bits and pieces over an 18 month period, the new CD "Victims of the Crown" was tracked in rapid fashion, taking only a few months to be completed. 

Utilizing the engineering & production talents of Doug McBride, Rollo Time was able to morph their straightforward mix of rock and power pop in new and different directions.  Some of Doug's production and engineering credits include work with artists including Rachael Yamagata, The Walkmen, Fall Out Boy, Ben Kweller, Frogpond, Jack's Mannequin, The Aluminum Group, Andrew Belle, Aiden, Cheap Trick, Smashing Pumpkins, Off Broadway and Verbow.  Fret not, the melodies and pop sensibilities you've come to expect from Rollo Time are still there, but a new sense of space, purpose and balance have been added to this new crop of songs which elevate this new recording to a completely different level.

The recording quality has a lot to do with the fantastic live room at Gravity Studios.  We also got to use some of the finer, vintage instruments in Sean's arsenal, like these Gibson Les Paul's:



"Victims of the Crown" features 10 new songs:

  1. You Can Talk
  2. Sick and Tired
  3. Eyman Prison
  4. Where Is Mine?
  5. Madelaine Says
  6. 'Til It All Comes Down
  7. I Can't Believe This Day
  8. On The Ground
  9. Talking To Myself (On A Cell Phone)
  10. What's Done Is Done

We've begun to release the first few singles on cdbaby.com (write a review), iTunes, Amazon (write a review), Napster and most other fine digital distribution outlets with positive responses on each.  Mailing list and Facebook fans have enjoyed FREE DOWNLOADS.  To get yours, become a fan on Facebook or join our mailing list up top!

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We'd like to thank Brad Woodward for the CD design and artwork on "Victims of the Crown".  Check out Brad's website

We'd also like to thank Karl Brewick for the band photograph for "Victims of the Crown".  Check out Karl's website.


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